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Adelia Sommer

Creative Lead


+45 31 75 60 63



Copenhagen, Denmark

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I started off my career as a content writer at a branding agency based in my hometown, while simultaneously completing my Bachelor's degree. I had the opportunity to plan and write social media content for various different brands in different fields (fashion, food producer, restaurants, etc). Soon after I finished my degree, I decided to move away to study and explore career opportunities abroad.

In the past three years, while simultaneously completing my Master's degree, I have been working in a fast-paced startup environment. I had to put on many different hats in marketing, but mainly taking charge of all visual-related tasks in the company. And through this opportunity, I was able to develop various skills within content planning and production. From photography, videography, to graphic design, and web design - all done for both internal and external (B2B & B2C) purposes. 


I'm dedicated to conceptualizing and creating visual solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and also visuals that drive conversion.


Read my full CV and find out about my work experience, education, and skills in detail.

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